Batgirl Mod update 07/29/2015

That's right... Another mod... This time it's for my wife's PC. It's going to be a little simpler, but it's still going to be Liquid cooled, and should be pretty sweet when it's all finished. The colors and themes are all picked and approved by my wife, so yall just sit back and enjoy the ride :D

The case: 

NZXT Noctis 450 in black. The lighting on this case is pretty crazy, and we're going to be using almost none of it. 


The Inspiration: 

Bat girl is one of my wife's all time favorite super heros, and after seeing my Iron Man build she got a little jealous, and challenged me to design a Bat Girl themed build for her. 

The break down is like this. 

The build will be taking advantage of the "armor" look of the noctis 450 case, and will bring in elements from the bat family franchise. The "armor" will be coated in 3m Carbon Fiber vinyl on the outside, while the interior will be done in Metallic purple. Various Die cut vinyl and other bits and bobs will be added as the build unfolds.

The top panel of the case taken off

The Armor stripped off and ready for the Vinyl to be applied when it arrives.

Finally the mesh is removed from the panels as part of the prep work on the case. 

Since the parts for this build will be coming from my old desktop I can confidently share the specs of this build as follows:

i7 3770@4ghz
Asrock Z77 Board
16gb Memory
Corsair HX850 PSU
EVGA Classified 780Ti
Full liquid loop
2x 250gb SSD's