Batgirl Mod Update 08/04/15

Got some more work done today. Step one, Remove the front side of the HDD cage

Batgirl Picture

Now we need to cover that hole...

Convient placement of the screw holes makes it easy to secure the new back plane to it's holder.

Modification to the PSU cover to make it look a little more complete

And bending the cover to shape... Easier than it looks with a good heat gun XD

A better view of how it will look here.

Here's what it looks like now... All the guts have dissapeared!!!

Guts in the garage for paint, Primer done in this photo

First coat of the purple laid down

It's pretty dark out so I tried to get a good image with my cell phone's flash of the purple paint. It's deeper in person and sparkles like crazy. My wife came out in a mask to check the paint but threatened physical harm if I took a picture of her doing QA for her build.

And last but not least I got the first part wrapped with the grey CF. My black and yellow vinyls are in the mail, so it'll be a bit before I can start doing the big panels.

First up, everything was riveted back together.

Then we Marked out the lines for the new enlarged window

Did a quick repair with some epoxy where I slipped with my cut off wheel.

My assistant met the UPS guy and brought up the vinyl for this case. Now we're getting started for real.

First, the window panel got covered (Bubbles have been worked out by now, it takes about an hour after application for any bubbles to go away on their own.)

Armor Plates wrapped up

And installed again with the Mesh filters

All plates and panels covered and installed on the case

Front shot of the effect

At this point my assistant got bored and watched some videos on how to make cupcakes...

Next we tackled the front panel...

Bat girl action in progress!

The decal is split on the two different plates, the effect is actually pretty cool.

Now time to work on the back panel. The Batgirl Silhouette started in this picture.

My Assistant (wife in case you didn't guess) decided she didn't like the letters so she removed them.

Closer to being finished, but it's missing something...

Adding bats completes the look for sure.

Floor plate is installed now

and I'll leave you with a shot of where we left off until we have some more parts come in.

My new fittings and radiator came in today. I didn't get a whole lot of work done on the mod because of a busy day at work, but I did get a little work done and a bunch of problems to solve.

As you can see the Blue logos and memory stick out like a sore thumb. The memory is easy to fix with some plastidip, but the Alphacool logos will require a little more work to make them look right. I'm thinking I can use my vinyl cutter to cut a new logo to overlay onto the blue logo so that it matches the yellow, purple, and black scheme we have going on here.

I also placed my order for an additional fan, purple and black cable extensions, as well as a bottle of Yellow Mayhem's Pastel fluid.

I think the floor where you can see the black of the bottom of the case doesn't look the greatest, so I'm going to be covering it with some more of the grey accent carbon fiber I've been using.

Until next time