Batgirl Mod Update 08/05/2015

Got a ton of work done today including all the cable management for what I have... But first things first. This looks easier than it was, but look! Yellow Alphacool Logos!!

To achieve this I took a picture of the logo on the radiator (the logos I found online were slightly different dimensions) photoshopped everrything but the blue away, then imported it into illustrator. After pulling it into illustrator and cleaning up the vectors I exported it to a Gigantic .png file (the only file my vinyl cutter can use that's not it's own format) and after measuring the logos I printed up 4 sets, starting at .255 inches and increasing by .01 inch incriments. then it was just a matter of finding the best match for the original lettering.

Here's the result

Next I put the Memory into a sacrificial motherboard and hit it up with some plasti dip.

While the dip was drying I installed the floor for the pump to mount to.

permanently attached the pump and res at the same time my phone's camera forgot how to focus.

Lots of bending... I found out that a jigsaw with a metal blade on it makes cutting PETG tubing stupidly easy...

One crazy looking bend per build is going to be my new motto.

with the bend in place

I re-arranged the loop for a little cleaner run on the tubing.

Then I started on the back... Now the point of this build was to re-use parts I had on hand.... Part of that was my Non modular PSU... Cable management time!!!

I used yellow zip ties... they work with the theme

zip zip zip zip...

SSD's mounted to the back, all the cables tied in place, LED controller tucked away at the back.

Finally the front view. Lights installed, tubes installed... now we're just waiting on the drain system, fluid, another front fan, and cable extensions.

That reminds me... I have to get the window to the laser cutter...